Ми працюємо – разом до перемоги!
Ми працюємо – разом до перемоги!
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What is consecutive interpreting?

While performing a consecutive interpreting, the speaker and the interpreter are talking in turns. After finishing a thought, the speaker makes a pause during which the interpreter communicates the same thought in the necessary language.

Most commonly consecutive translation is used during:

  • business meetings;
  • negotiations (including by phone);
  • conference calls;
  • presentations;
  • press conferences;
  • while accompanying delegations;
  • assisting;
  • excursions etc.

The translation agency “Lingvo Ukraine” provides the service of high-quality consecutive interpreting during the events important to You.
Before confirming the order our managers will coordinate all the main terms, the specificity of your event, dress code and other formalities with you so that we could completely satisfy your desires. We will try to choose a specialist who will meet your requirements.
The price for a translator’s working hour depends on many factors including: languages, peculiarities of the project, its length etc. To obtain more detailed information, please download the file with our pricing or call our specialists on the number: +38 (068) 932-81-89; +38 (066) 074-13-99

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