Technical translation

One of the most needed and at the same time one of the most difficult types of translation is technical translation. One of the reasons that explain this tendency is the fact that there are more than enough of translation programs that can be used online, students of the faculties of philology, who are willing to translate literary, informal or publicist style for a reasonable price and even of more or less good quality. However, translation of specific technical texts, for instance, facilities or equipment instructions, that require not only an excellent knowledge of language (language of the original document) but a knowledge of specific vocabulary, its meaning and usage. The least discrepancy in translation can result in the original meaning distortion that could be a true failure and a blow to the reputation for a professional translator.

Beside the translation of instructions, technical translation services are used for the following materials:

  • Repair and operation manuals.
  • Accompanying technical documentation to facilities and equipment.
  • Schemes (folding schemes, drawings with explanatory notes).
  • Licenses, patents, certificates.
  • Catalogues, promotional brochures that contain technical details on the presented positions.

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