By notarization of the documents is meant the act that gives them legitimacy and legal force. The Notary certifies the authenticity of the translator’s signature and his capacity to provide translation services.
We offer you to certify your translated document by a notary.
The Notary may certify only the signature of the translator or the authenticity of a copy of an original document and the translation.
In all cases the translation must be bound to the original.
Please note!
The Notary will certify only the translation to the document that complied with several rules, for example, the document must be sealed by the respective organization and signed by the persons authorized to issue the documents, the document shall be with the date of its issue, etc.. The original document shall not contain any erasures, additions, crossed out words, improperly executed corrections or any other peculiarities.
In order to determine if the notarial certification of the translated document is needed or a certification by the translation agency seal is enough, you must be aware of the requirement of an institution or agency it is to be presented to.
We cooperate with a number of private notaries, so You can be sure that the service quality and the terms will be appropriate to You.
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