There are states where legal power of apostilled documents is not recognized. In this case the legalization is performed by a consular of a certain country.

Among such countries there are: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Kuwait, China (except Macao and Hong Kong), Costa Rica, Canada, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Uruguay, Chile, Qatar.
The legalization procedure implies four stages:

  1. Ministry of Justice sealing;
  2. Ministry if Foreign affairs sealing;
  3. Translation of the document and its notarization;
  4. Sealing by the embassy/ consular of a particular country. 

ATTENTION: on the territory of Ukraine legalization of documents issued in other countries cannot be performed.

To file documents for legalization on behalf of the ordering party a power of attorney issued to one of the employees of our agency is required. Otherwise the documents will not be accepted in the aforementioned authorities.

For the legalization of documents of legal entities, it is necessary for the company to provide an accompanying letter on a form sealed and signed by the director.

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Please fill in the form and attach the document, and we will inform the precise price to be paid for the order