(Русский) Справка о несудимости

Non-Conviction Certificate (or Certificate of Absence of Criminal Record) is an instrument
verifying absence or presence of criminal conviction of a certain person and is issued by the
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.
When ordering this Certificate in our Company, no Power of Attorney is required and you need not
worry about additional expenses.
To order the Non-Conviction Certificate please send to our email (lingvo.ukraine@gmail.com) the
following documents:

  1. The photocopies of a passport (the first page, the second page, and page with the registered
  2. TIN (tax identification number)
  3. Indicate the purpose for obtaining the Certificate (for visa processing, hiring procedure, acquiring
    citizenship, etc.)
  4. Indicate the desirable date of obtaining the Certificate

If you have no possibility to send the abovementioned documents and information to our email, we
look forward to seeing you at our office where our managers will kindly make all necessary copies
of your documents.
The validity period of the Certificate is limited: the Certificate to be submitted abroad is valid 90
days; for internal use the Certificate is valid 30 days.

The prices for obtaining the Non-Conviction Certificate are listed below:

6-9 work days without including day of order350 hryvnias
3-5 work days without including day of order500 hryvnias
2-3 work days without including day of order700 hryvnias


NOTE! The term for obtaining the Certificate and Apostille issuance may vary. Please consult
the managers of our Translation Bureau for advice.

Please write in details what exactly You need and we will inform the precise price to be paid for the order