Ми працюємо – разом до перемоги!
Ми працюємо – разом до перемоги!
+38 (068) 932-81-89 +38 (066) 074-13-99 only for Viber: +38 (095) 848-98-14
E-mail: lingvo.ukraine@gmail.com

Translation agency «Lingvo Ukraine»


  • Виктория Дуб

    Спасибо бюро переводов «Лингво Украина» за их умение быстро реагировать и выполнять заказ в сроки. Бывают ситуации, когда перевод...

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    Бабич Александр

    Я обратился в бюро переводов «Лингво Украина» по рекомендации и попал по адресу. Меня проконсультировали и выполнили перевод точно...

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    Никитенко Валерий

    Мне был необходим переводчик для встречи иностранного партнера. Мне не хотелось доверять встречу не известному для меня человеку, но...

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Contacts of our enterprise


Office No.2, 9a Lva Tolstoho street, Kyiv city, Ukraine

Call us:

+38 (068) 932-81-89
+38 (066) 074-13-99
only for Viber: +38 (095) 848-98-14


Due to the fact that beside our permanent in-house translators we cooperate with freelance translators many of whom are native speakers, the translation of documents, texts, audioscripts is as accurate as possible.

Our translation agency “Lingvo Ukraine” is client-oriented that is why we perform high-quality translations of any complexity without loss of quality and within the period negotiated while ordering. Even if you need translation of a lengthy text or a vast amount of documentation we will do everything so that your order would be completed on the highest standard and within the defined period.

Our clients in Kyiv are both individuals and legal entities. Beside translation of printed information, documents or agreements we offer interpreting services and accompaniment during negotiations or meetings with foreign partners for legal entities. By providing this service our translation agency assures absolute confidentiality.

Beside text and document translation our clients often need services of legalization of the translated documents so that they would be valid in another country. For this purpose, our translation agency offers such services as apostille, i. e. a stamp or a printed form on a document which means that it has legal force in another country. This service is valid for the counties which are parties to the Hague convention. For the countries where the force of apostille is not recognized a consular legalization is used, that our agency assures as well.

To make a request to our translation agency “Lingvo Ukraine” in Kyiv it is not necessary to come to our office. You can make a request for translation by using the form on our site or by sending us an e-mail. We can also discuss the visit of our specialist to the office of your enterprise.

The quality of our job, our efficiency and responsibility are confirmed with a large number of regular customers that we collaborate with for a long time.